Sigur Rós…

I don’t know how to describe the single most intense music experience I’ve ever had the privilege to, well, experience. Have you ever heard a song so powerful that it just makes your entire body come to life? Like your hands and feet tingle, your heart races, your skin pebbles, and you can’t decide whether you want to laugh or cry? Because this was all of that for me. They’re just better. Better than even Ray Lamontagne, whose music I need like breathing. It’s just… fuck, idek. I can’t even compare them to a modern indie folk artist because they defy his genre. They defy any genre. It’s an amalgamation of Icelandic post-rock, classical, dark orchestra, and feelings.

I love music. A lot. Music, to me is a safe place to experience the world. But this…. man, this is what music is all about. It’s quite literally the soundtrack to the human experience. It illustrates both the good and the bad of the everyday, and makes it more. If you could pick one soundtrack to accompany your first kiss, or the first time you had your heart broken, or idk, the first time you truly felt fear, I think they’d fit the bill.

Fuck. Just listen to them. Pick any song and work your way through their discography